General Admission


1hr session


Suitable for ages from 13, sporting ability & most fitness levels.
No experience required.


Hunter Adventure Centre, Hunter Valley.

Group Size

2–40 people per session


Also a great staff and team building experience. Ask us how.

Clothing Requirements

Enclosed shoes. Active wear recommended.


If you’re looking for an unforgettable and enjoyable family and friends activity, you need to consider our Axe Throwing experience. It combines the thrill of light hearted competition with the joy of shared experiences, making it an ideal choice for a memorable outing with your friends and loved ones.

Axe throwing involves participants throwing small axes at wooden targets with the aim of hitting a bullseye or a specific target area. It’s similar to playing darts but with axes.

With several fun Axe throwing games to be played, Axe Throwing is one of those easy to learn and addictive activities that will see a lot of cheers and laughter during the course of the experience.

We run multiple Axe Throwing Sessions per day depending on the time of the year. Suitable for ages from 13-85 years of age. For participants under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Axe Throwing challenges include: 

  • Team Post a Score
  • Colour Score
  • Balloon Dodge
  • Monkey See Monkey Do
  • Elimination
  • You got an Axe to Grind, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Axe throwing is a recreational activity where participants throw small axes or hatchets at wooden 1.2m targets, aiming to hit specific areas for points.

When done in a controlled and supervised environment with proper safety measures, axe throwing can be safe. Our events provide safety instructions, equipment, and trained staff.

Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and clothing that allows for easy movement. Avoid loose or dangling items that could interfere with your throws.

No prior experience is necessary. Our events offer training throws for beginners, and facilitators provide guidance, before the activity begins.

Minimum age is 13.

While it may take some practice to become proficient, beginners can learn the basics quickly with the help of our trained facilitators.

Axe throwing requires some physical effort, but it’s generally accessible to people of varying fitness levels. It can be as physically demanding as you make it, depending on your throwing style.

It’s essential to follow the safety rules and guidelines provided by our facilitators. These rules typically include guidelines on how to handle axes, maintain a safe distance, and avoid unsafe behaviour.

General Admission

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