Team Building


(Customisable to suit participant numbers)


All ages, sporting ability & most fitness levels.
No experience required.


Hunter Adventure Centre, Hunter Valley.

Group Size

8โ€“40 participants comfortably
(Over 40 participants, we can combine other activities)


Please contact us with your event details for a bespoke proposal.
We will also suggest ideas!

Team Building

Light Team Building & Development activity. More about a lightly competative group experience. Fun factor 10!


We like to present a quirky winning team prize like a packet of chocolate biscuits, or please feel free to supply your own ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Clothing Requirements

Enclosed shoes. Active wear recommended.


Our Axe throwing activity is an experience that combines the thrill of axe throwing with the goals of team building and bonding. It has gained popularity as a unique and engaging way for groups of colleagues or friends to come together, improve communication, and foster a sense of camaraderie. 

Axe throwing involves participants throwing small axes at wooden targets with the aim of hitting a bullseye or a specific target area. It’s similar to playing darts but with axes.

With several fun Axe throwing games to be played, Axe Throwing is one of those easy to learn and addictive activities that will see a lot of cheers and laughter during the course of the event.

The combination of novelty, competition, skill development, and the opportunity for team members to bond in a fun and relaxed setting makes axe throwing a highly enjoyable team building activity that can bring teams closer together and boost morale.

What to expect โ€“ brief event run-down:

  1. Event Introduction.
  2. Teams are picked.
  3. Facilitator instruction and demonstration.
  4. Teams compete in several fun Axe Throwing challenges for points.
  5. After the final challenge, team points are tallied, and the winning team announced.
  6. Winning team is presented bragging rights or pre-determined prize.
  7. Group photos and event conclusion.

Axe Throwing challenges include: 

  • Team Post a Score
  • Colour Score
  • Balloon Dodge
  • Monkey See Monkey Do
  • Elimination
  • You got an Axe to Grind, and more

Axe Throwing combines well with these, and more.

(bespoke combinations available too)

Package Deal Day Trips available from Newcastle and Sydney.

Need Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Dinner?

If we are facilitating your event at the Hunter Adventure Centre, we can also organise all your catering needs at the onsite 4 Pines Brewery.


All local transport requirements for groups big and small can be arranged to and from our venue if conferencing at another venue in the Hunter Valley.

Coach transport from Newcastle and Sydney can be organised. Packages available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Axe throwing is a recreational activity where participants throw small axes or hatchets at wooden 1.2m targets, aiming to hit specific areas for points.

When done in a controlled and supervised environment with proper safety measures, axe throwing can be safe. Our events provide safety instructions, equipment, and trained staff.

Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and clothing that allows for easy movement. Avoid loose or dangling items that could interfere with your throws.

No prior experience is necessary. Our events offer training throws for beginners, and facilitators provide guidance, before the activity begins.

Minimum age is 13.

While it may take some practice to become proficient, beginners can learn the basics quickly with the help of our trained facilitators.

Axe throwing requires some physical effort, but it’s generally accessible to people of varying fitness levels. It can be as physically demanding as you make it, depending on your throwing style.

It’s essential to follow the safety rules and guidelines provided by our facilitators. These rules typically include guidelines on how to handle axes, maintain a safe distance, and avoid unsafe behaviour.

Team Building

Want to enquire about booking Axe Throwing for your company?

We can tailor activities and challenges for your company to enhance communication, leadership, and teamwork. Our goal is to create a unique and enjoyable experience that strengthens the bonds within your team, aligning seamlessly with your company’s ethos.

This is a Team Building activity –
see General Admission activities or Small Group/Party packages.

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