Team Building


(Customisable to suit participant numbers)


All ages, sporting ability & most fitness levels.
No experience required.


Hunter Adventure Centre, Hunter Valley or your preferred venue.

Group Size

30โ€“100 participants comfortably (Over 100 participants, we can combine other activities)


Please contact us with your event details for a bespoke proposal.
We will also suggest ideas!

Team Building

Medium Team Building & Development activity. More about a lightly competative group experience. Fun factor 10!


We like to present a quirky winning team prize like a packet of chocolate biscuits, or please feel free to supply your own ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Clothing Requirements

Active wear recommended.


Giant human foosball is a highly entertaining and unique team-building activity that participants find incredibly enjoyable. Its combination of physical activity, coordination, and teamwork can make it a memorable and fun experience for all participants.

Its ability to engage participants, promote positive communication, and create a sense of togetherness that makes the Giant Human Foosball & Bonus Dodgeball activity a popular choice for a team building activity.

The bonus Dodgeball game considering the clients available time frame, is a highly welcomed bonus mini challenge at the end of the Giant Human Foosball tournament, and cherry on top, to this laugh a second team building experience.

Giant human foosball combines physical activity, teamwork, competition, and social interaction in a fun and memorable way. Its ability to engage participants, promote positive communication, and create a sense of togetherness makes it a popular choice for team building activities.

Available at the Hunter Adventure Centre and other suitable venues.

What to expect โ€“ brief event run-down:

  1. Event Introduction.
  2. Teams are picked.
  3. Facilitator instruction and demonstration.
  4. Teams compete in several Foosball games for points.
  5. After the Foosball tournament, teams compete in a mini-Dodgeball tournament.
  6. After the final Dodgeball game, team points are tallied, and the winning team announced.
  7. Winning team is presented bragging rights or pre-determined prize.
  8. Group photos and event conclusion.

Giant Human Foosball combines well with these, and more.

(bespoke combinations available too)

Package Deal Day Trips available from Newcastle and Sydney.

Need Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Dinner?

If we are facilitating your event at the Hunter Adventure Centre, we can also organise all your catering needs at the onsite 4 Pines Brewery.


All local transport requirements for groups big and small can be arranged to and from our venue if conferencing at another venue in the Hunter Valley.

Coach transport from Newcastle and Sydney can be organised. Packages available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Giant human foosball is a life-sized version of the popular foosball game, where participants take on the roles of the foosball players and move side to side while holding onto poles to kick a soccer ball into the opponent’s goal.

The number of players can vary, but it typically requires at least 25 players (min 6 per team) to have an enjoyable game. However, larger setups can accommodate more players in a tournament style event.

Our Custom 25m x 18m inflatable field with large goals is fixed to the ground. Diagonal ropes are tethered from side to side, and participants are harnessed to the rope for diagonal movement only.

Players stand in designated positions along the playing field, harnessed to ropes. The objective is to score goals by kicking the soccer ball into the opponent’s goal while following the rules of traditional foosball, such as not crossing the halfway line. The idea is to work as a team and move the ball to your team mates along the field, pass to the strikers and into the goal.

Yes, the idea is to keep the ball on the ground surface. The ball can’t be lifted off the ground by a kick or pass. Players are restricted to moving side to side only.

Yes when played with proper equipment and adherence to rules, giant human foosball is safe. However, collisions and accidents can still happen, so participants should be cautious and follow safety guidelines set out by the facilitators.

At our venue the Hunter Adventure Centre or conferencing venue with a suitable flat grassed area.

The duration of a Foosball event can vary depending on factors like the number of players and client’s schedule. On average, an event might last between 1hr-3hrs, but we can customise to suit.

Yes, giant human foosball can be an excellent team-building activity as it requires communication, coordination, and teamwork among players. It’s a fun way to promote collaboration and camaraderie.

Team Building

Want to enquire about booking Giant Human Foosball for your company?

We can tailor activities and challenges for your company to enhance communication, leadership, and teamwork. Our goal is to create a unique and enjoyable experience that strengthens the bonds within your team, aligning seamlessly with your company’s ethos.

This is a Team Building activity –
see General Admission activities or Small Group/Party packages.

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