Team Building


(Customisable to suit participant numbers)


All ages, sporting ability & most fitness levels.
No experience required.


Hunter Adventure Centre, Hunter Valley or your preferred venue.

Group Size

50–180 participants comfortably
(Over 180 participants, we offer a morning & afternoon session)


Please contact us with your event details for a bespoke proposal.
We will also suggest ideas!

Team Building

Strong Team Building & Development activity. Fun factor 10!


We like to present a quirky winning team prize like a packet of chocolate biscuits, or please feel free to supply your own 😊.

Clothing Requirements

Flat & enclosed shoes required. Active wear recommended.


The Corporate X Games tournament is an exciting and unique team building activity suited for large corporate groups from 50-180 participants. 

This event offers a diverse range of activities that not only promote team bonding but also add an element of fun and adventure to the corporate world. 

Participants are placed into teams and depending on numbers, move to each of the assigned activity stations in a round robin style tournament for a set time, competing for points at each of the activities as they go.

Here’s a brief look at some of the activities involved:


Dodgeball is a classic team sport that requires strategy, quick thinking, and cooperation. It’s our finale activity that brings all teams together for a fun final point scoring opportunity.

The Corporate X Games Tournament is a fantastic team-building event that offers a refreshing break from the usual corporate activities. It’s a great way for colleagues to come together, have fun, and build essential teamwork skills. Participants will remember this experience as a unique and effective way to strengthen their connections with one another.

The combination of these activities ensures that participants have a well-rounded experience. They get to enjoy the thrill and excitement of these diverse challenges while also building essential teamwork skills. This team-building event provides a unique opportunity for colleagues to step out of their comfort zones, bond with one another, and enhance their collaboration skills.

The emphasis on the need to “experience” this event is apt, as it highlights the fact that the Corporate X Games Tournament offers more than just a typical team-building exercise. It’s a memorable and enjoyable experience that fosters stronger connections among team members. Participants are likely to leave this event with a renewed sense of camaraderie, which can positively impact their working relationships and overall performance.

Package Deal Day Trips available from Newcastle and Sydney.

Need Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Dinner?

If we are facilitating your event at the Hunter Adventure Centre, we can also organise all your catering needs at the onsite 4 Pines Brewery.


All local transport requirements for groups big and small can be arranged to and from our venue if conferencing at another venue in the Hunter Valley.

Coach transport from Newcastle and Sydney can be organised. Packages available.

Team Building

Want to enquire about booking Corporate X Games Tournament for your company?

We can tailor activities and challenges for your company to enhance communication, leadership, and teamwork. Our goal is to create a unique and enjoyable experience that strengthens the bonds within your team, aligning seamlessly with your company’s ethos.

This is a Team Building activity –
see General Admission activities or Small Group/Party packages.

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