Team Building


(Customisable to suit participant numbers)


All ages, sporting ability & most fitness levels.
No experience required.


Hunter Adventure Centre, Hunter Valley or your preferred venue.

Group Size

8–40 participants comfortably
(Over 40 participants, we can combine other activities)


Please contact us with your event details for a bespoke proposal.
We will also suggest ideas!

Team Building

Strong Team Building & Development activity. Fun factor 10!


We like to present a quirky winning team prize like a packet of chocolate biscuits, or please feel free to supply your own 😊.

Clothing Requirements

Active wear recommended.


Mission Impossible is an all-inclusive Team Building event format not only a fun and competitive way for teams to bond, but also an opportunity for them to showcase their problem-solving abilities and creativity. Thinking outside the box, strategy and collaboration play a big part and are emphasised in the variety of challenge stations provided. 

Our long list of staff development and fun challenges will boost team morale and communication in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Indoor and outdoor Mission Impossible event formats are available on request.

Some of our most popular Activity Stations:

Balloon Tower

Teams must build the tallest freestanding tower using only balloons and tape.

Egg Drop

Teams must construct a protective contraption using limited materials to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a height.

Minefield Navigation

Blindfolded team members must make their way through a minefield made out of plastic mines, while teammates standing at the opposite side of the minefield guide them verbally through the field without stepping on any “mines”.

Puzzle Relay

Teams race to complete a jigsaw puzzle together, with each member assembling a piece before passing it to the next person.

Cup Stack Challenge

Using plastic cups, teams must create a pyramid as quickly as possible without touching the cups with their hands.

Acid River

Using timber planks and bases, teams must work as a team and balance their way across an ‘acid river’. A great teamwork challenge and very rewarding to outpace your competitors.

Giant Catapult Firing

The Catapult firing challenge is a mix of teamwork and accuracy. Using three-person portable catapults, team members must launch coloured tennis balls for fellow team members to catch. With various distance accuracy, point scoring and timeline challenges to play, it is always a favourite for participants.

Tower Build

Teamwork, communication, and coordination are required, when trying to hook and build a block tower. Transferring different sized blocks from one point to another by using only ropes requires patience, but extremely rewarding.

Viking Challenge

A traditional Viking game played within a circle. The Vikings would balance their swords on their tips, then with a command move either left or right trying to catch the sword before falling to the ground. The last person standing wins. BTW we don’t use real swords now, but a fun game to play and watch.

Javelin Toss

Two fun Javelin games are played…distance and accuracy throwing soft javelins.

Hockey Relay

A challenge incorporating hand eye coordination and a degree of agility. Teams must slalom their hockey ball around a course the quickest. With a few challenges mixed in.

Frisbee Relay

A fun activity that requires team members to be spread out over a certain distance. Participants can’t move, but they must pass the frisbee between team members the quickest without dropping it.

Corn Hole Toss

A super fun activity involving accurately tossing bean bags into a hole on a scoreboard. Tactics and strategy plus plain luck play a big part in this game.


Accurately move your ball down multiple pipes made up of multiple team members without dropping the ball. Patience, communication and teamwork required for this one.

Flag Race

This activity incorporates a specific thing about the company, either a product, service, or subject. Team members must work it out via post notes spread out over a distance. This will get the grey matter working.

NOTE: Our other main activity formats such as Archery, Laser Clay Shooting or Seglympics can be incorporated into the Mission Impossible format. Depending on available time, we can customise an event to suit your event objectives.

What to expect – brief event run-down:

  1. Event Introduction.
  2. Teams are picked.
  3. Facilitator instruction and demonstration.
  4. Teams compete in several activity stations for points.
  5. After the final challenge, team points are tallied, and the winning team announced.
  6. Winning team is presented bragging rights or pre-determined prize.
  7. Group photos and event conclusion.

Mission Impossible combines well with these, and more.

(bespoke combinations available too)

Package Deal Day Trips available from Newcastle and Sydney.

Need Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Dinner?

If we are facilitating your event at the Hunter Adventure Centre, we can also organise all your catering needs at the onsite 4 Pines Brewery.


All local transport requirements for groups big and small can be arranged to and from our venue if conferencing at another venue in the Hunter Valley.

Coach transport from Newcastle and Sydney can be organised. Packages available.

Team Building

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We can tailor activities and challenges for your company to enhance communication, leadership, and teamwork. Our goal is to create a unique and enjoyable experience that strengthens the bonds within your team, aligning seamlessly with your company’s ethos.

This is a Team Building activity –
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