Team Building


(Customisable to suit participant numbers)


All ages, sporting ability & most fitness levels.
No experience required.


Hunter Adventure Centre, Hunter Valley or your preferred venue.

Group Size

8–40 people comfortably
(Over 40 participants, we can combine other activities)


Please contact us with your event details for a bespoke proposal.
We will also suggest ideas!

Team Building

Strong Team Building & Development activity. Fun factor 10!


We like to present a quirky winning team prize like a packet of chocolate biscuits, or please feel free to supply your own 😊.

Clothing Requirements

Flat & enclosed shoes required. Active wear recommended.


Segway Seglympics is a fantastic addition to your staff team-building activity repertoire. Our unique Segway Seglympics program will offer a dynamic and fun way for your team to bond, communicate, and work together.

Seglympics has revolutionised the way we consider “team building”. With well over 200 Seglympics events under our belt, companies keep coming back to Seglympics every couple of years as their go-to activity.

If planning Segway Seglympics for your staff team building or Xmas party event, we prioritise safety by providing proper training, supervision, and safety equipment. Additionally, we consider the goals and objectives of your team building activity to choose the most suitable Segway games for your team. Whether it’s promoting communication, problem-solving, or just having a good time together, Segway Seglympics can be a valuable addition to your team building toolkit.

If you’re looking for that memorable staff event, Segway Seglympics is the one!

Available off-site or on our purpose built Seglympics course at the Hunter Adventure Centre.

Segway Seglympics challenges include: 

  • Relay Relay
  • Time Trial
  • Pot the Ball
  • Batton Relay
  • Clumsy Waiter
  • Ricochet 
  • Segway Whispers
  • Flag Race
  • Giant Ball Dribble
  • Puzzle Battle and more

Segway Seglympics combines well with these, and more.

(bespoke combinations available too)

Package Deal Day Trips available from Newcastle and Sydney.

Need Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Dinner?

If we are facilitating your event at the Hunter Adventure Centre, we can also organise all your catering needs at the onsite 4 Pines Brewery.


All local transport requirements for groups big and small can be arranged to and from our venue if conferencing at another venue in the Hunter Valley.

Coach transport from Newcastle and Sydney can be organised. Packages available.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have had all ages and fitness levels participate at Seglympics. If you can walk up stairs unaided, you can ride a Segway. Unfortunately, pregnant ladies cannot participate.

It takes less than 30 seconds to feel comfortable on a Segway. We have facilitated the Seglympics event for 65 people at the one time before. So yes they are a piece of cake.

Segways are self-balancing and only require slight weight transfer to move forward or stop. And push your lean steer left and right. They are easier to ride than a push bike.

Yes, in 99% cases, it is all inclusive. We have had staff in their teens to late 70s compete in a Seglympics activity. And the oldest person we have had on a guided Segway tour is 92. Please contact to discuss suitability further if unsure.

Yes. We have been running the Seglympics team building activity since 2010. We have facilitated Seglympics for hundreds of companies, and all types of companies from banks, mining, Tech, utilities, law, Government, Unis, charities… etc, you name it, we have done it. We have the runs on the board, including SWPs, Operation procedures and all required insurances. Happy to provide any paperwork required by your company’s HR department.

It is lightly competitive. But we understand some companies don’t like to make it a competition between staff… that’s totally ok, we don’t have to, and can customise to suit your event objectives. Though admittedly, it’s that competitive fire in people that make it an awesome experience.

We will be in communication with you days out from your event and depending on the weather forecast. We can still run the activity in intermittent drizzle or light intermittent rain. In the instant rain is imminent, a wet weather back up activity will be triggered. In the instance where a shelter or suitable indoor venue can’t be supplied by the organiser, a worse case reschedule will be adopted with the agreement of both parties.

Flat enclosed shoes are required, no thongs, sandals, or open toed shoes. Active wear is always recommended but not a necessity. Apart from Giant Human Foosball, none of our team building activities are overly physical, however we want you to be comfortable! Please ensure your participants are wearing comfortable clothes & shoes.

We recommend bringing a hat & water bottle. Sunscreen will be supplied for all participants to use. If you would like us to provide bottled water, there will be an additional fee, but happy to organise this for you. If you are joining us at the Hunter Adventure Centre, we can also organise all catering logistics through the onsite 4 Pines Brewery.

Not for any private venues you maybe conferencing at (in most cases). Council venues such as parks, ovals, beaches & reserves generally require a council permit to be used for team building activities. Should a council permit be required for your event we will organise this for you on your behalf. We will advise you if the event you have chosen requires a  council permit & how much the council permit fee is. Though if in doubt, come to us! Our purpose-built Hunter Valley facility is designed specifically for corporate team building.

No problem, please fill out a contact form or call me – Adam on 0448 866 048. We can have a chat about the logistics of the activity and hey, if Seglympics doesn’t suit what you are looking for this time around, we have a stack of other activity options that might suit your team and event objectives better.

Team Building

Want to enquire about booking Segway Seglympics for your company?

We can tailor activities and challenges for your company to enhance communication, leadership, and teamwork. Our goal is to create a unique and enjoyable experience that strengthens the bonds within your team, aligning seamlessly with your company’s ethos.

This is a Team Building activity –
see General Admission activities or Small Group/Party packages.

We’re proud to have hosted the following companies, and many more, and to have helped them engage, entertain, and celebrate their staff.