General Admission


Up to 75 Clays or 1hr session (Depends on participant numbers)


Suitable for ages from 13, sporting ability & most fitness levels.
No experience required.


Hunter Adventure Centre, Hunter Valley.

Group Size

2–40 people per session


Also a great staff and team building experience. Ask us how.

Clothing Requirements

Active wear recommended.


Laser clay shooting is a super fun activity combining the excitement of traditional clay pigeon shooting with the safety and accessibility of laser technology. 

Using real 12 gauge shotguns that have been converted to laser, plastic reusable clays are launched into the air, and up to 5 shooters shoot at the target. All 5 guns are individually programmed, and with an electronic scoreboard and sound effects, it’s the more versatile and fun green friendly version of the real thing with no kickbacks or projectiles. 

This activity is suitable for a wide range of participants, including age, sporting ability and fitness level. No shooting experience required.

We run multiple Laser Clay Shooting Sessions per day depending on the time of the year. Suitable for ages from 13-85 years of age. For participants under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Laser Clay Shooting challenges include: 

  • Post a score
  • Skill Shoot
  • Rapid Fire
  • Speed Shoot
  • Laser Sport
  • Best Shooter Shoot Off

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser clay shooting is a shooting sport that uses modified shotguns to fire infrared laser beams at clays instead of traditional bullets or shotgun pellets. The clays are equipped with sensors to detect hits.

Yes, absolutely. Our Laser Clay Shooting program is specifically designed for first timers to become accurate quickly. Guns are calibrated with a degree of spread, which ensures a fun experience.

In laser clay shooting, participants use specially designed shotguns to aim and fire at flying plastic clay targets equipped with sensor tape. When the laser beam hits the clay target, it registers as a successful hit or “break.”

No. Up to 5 shooters stand in a line to aim at the launched clay. Holding up the gun for a few seconds to fire at the clay is the only physical requirement.

Yes, laser clay shooting is considered a safe alternative to traditional clay pigeon shooting because it does not use live ammunition. Participants do not experience the recoil or noise associated with real firearms.

Laser clay shooting is suitable for participants of various ages, including children, as long as they can safely handle the equipment and follow safety guidelines. The minimum age to participate is 13.

Yes, there are various game modes in laser clay shooting, including single clays, doubles, and even team-based competitions. The rules and objectives can vary depending on the chosen game mode.

Recorded on an electronic scoreboard, scoring in laser clay shooting is typically based on the number of successful hits on the clay targets. Each successful hit earns the shooter points, and the participant with the highest score wins.

No prior shooting experience is required for laser clay shooting. The activity is suitable for beginners, and facilitators provide guidance and safety instructions.

Laser clay shooting is considered more environmentally friendly than traditional clay pigeon shooting because it does not involve the use of live ammunition, which can have an impact on the environment.

General Admission

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